This is our story ...

So, how did Sticks & Stones Education begin? Well, it actually started while Christine and I were sitting together at service waiting for a workshop to begin. Christine and I were what I would call friendly colleagues rather than friends. We both worked for the same organization and we shared a very similar professional background and philosophies. We weren’t Facebook friends and we didn’t hang out at each other’s houses or go out for nights on the town.

We were waiting for the workshop, which was not due to start for another hour or so. Christine was sitting at a desk while I was sitting on the floor. We were surrounded by natural resources as we chatted. Christine told me how she had wanted to move into creating and selling resources and I told her how I was thinking along the same lines. On the floor of this service a partnership was formed.

12 months on, with a few changes of direction along the way, we find ourselves here, as the owners of Sticks & Stones Education. A great deal of planning, sourcing, purchasing, and legwork has gone into our business. We’ve used and developed existing skills, and we’ve learned some new tricks along the way. We’ve structured our business to be its own entity. I’ve taught myself web and graphic design and Christine has learned all about photography and product displays. We’ve not only invested financially in this business, we have invested ourselves. What you see here upon these pages is a manifestation of us.

We strive to not only be the best that we are capable of right now – we strive to also grow and evolve, not only as business owners, but also as people.

This is the beginning of our story ... the rest of the story you will be witness to as it unfolds upon the pages of our website and our Facebook page.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Gabrielle and Christine

Sticks & Stones Education

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