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Terms & Conditions


Our products are described to you in detail on the website. Please make sure that you read each products description prior to making your order.

In some cases, we have created scenes of our products as a “Serving Suggestion”.  This is done to illustrate the versatility of our products and inspire you to do the same. In fact, if you’d like to share your unique arrangement of our products, we’d love to see it and share it on our Facebook page. But anyway, back to the legal stuff.


Please ensure that children are supervised when playing with our products, indeed any products. Our products contain loose parts and they are not intended for children under three years of age.  If you choose to use our products with children under the age of three, you do so at your own risk. You know your children and your students.

We make sure that our products are in sound working order when they leave our hands. Our products, such as our Little Landscape small world sets contain natural materials such as sticks and stones, which may, due to their nature fracture. If any of these parts should break over time with use, please remove them from the set. 



In regards to hand made products, there will be slight variations from the photos. Quality is always paramount.


We need you to provide complete and accurate details when you make your order. It’s ok if you forget something. We’ll just simply remind you, but it would go smoother and faster if you gave us all the necessary details up front. It helps us send our amazing products to you so that you can use them with your children or your students. Or, you simply might be buying our products for yourself, and honestly there is NO judgement there. We have to admit we’ve had slightly too much fun sourcing or designing and making our products for you. You’re simply lucky we’re even offering them to you to purchase. We could easily surround ourselves with all these awesome products and resources and keep them all to ourselves. But we’re not greedy. We want to share our toys with you.

Purchase Price

All our prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and at this time we are not including Goods and Services Tax (GST).  This will change in the near future as we grow.  We might vary the prices of our products from time to time without giving notice, but we won’t be sneaky or evil about it. It has more to do with the change of the Australian dollar and international shipping costs from overseas. All this is worked into our prices which is why they may fluctuate.