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I Quit My Day Job

Gaby Flavin

I quit my day job


This is not some wanky I quit my day job and now I'm squillionaire! ...

I really did quit my job. 

Really. I went and quit my 9-5 day job. Crazy hey? Well, I just couldn’t do it anymore. The 8 hour day in management that was becoming increasingly complex and dissatisfying plus the two hours in the car to and from.  I have learnt a great deal about myself and my skills, but it just didn’t “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say. So I picked it up, I thanked it, and I put it to the side.

Now, it would be so lovely if I could devote my days to Sticks & Stones Education as well as the publications business of ESRE Productions aka Educator’s Symposium & Resource Emporium …. But I have a mortgage to pay and foster kittens to support. So back to work I must go!

I will be going back to teaching - casual teaching. I’ve set myself a boundary and I’ll be looking to work within that circumference on the map. So I am hoping to reduce my commute to 20-40 minutes a day rather than 120 or so. In 2012-2015 This was my commute and I had a much better balanced life. So, that’s the plan. Go back to teaching — I am a teacher after all - and hone my skills again. Who knows - it might inspire some more writing. I also miss writing. I miss taking photographs, having the energy to post to Instagram, the motivation to be creative and make up my little sets... 

I miss myself. 

So, I quit my job and I hope to find myself again. 

- Lots of Love,


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  • I kind of did the same thing. I left a toxic daycare centre before I had another job to go to. It just had to be done, and although I have had to work out a months notice it has given me the time to find the perfect job, and I’ve found it. I meet the most amazing ladies at Little Willow Childcare in Brisbane Australia, they are the nicest people, and I can not wait to find my work again. All the best for your next adventure, you will be great.

    Shelley Mosby

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